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Book 1


When his father dies Ilarion expects to succeed him as ruler of the Indigo Dragons with the beautiful Indrana by his side, but he is usurped by his uncle Isparag who takes Indrana for himself and inflicts great hardships on them all – can Ilarion save his love Indrana, the other dragons and their loyal servants, the geflars, or will the secret sorrow of Isparag destroy them all?

What is the source of the sadness that seeps down the mountain from the Indigo dragons of Hever Lake?

Why is Isparag determined to exterminate theIr loyal servants the geflars?

Ilarion and Idrisit in Scree Valley

Forthcoming titles in the series 'The Sorrow of Isparag'. . . 

Book 2


Indrana escapes to the fire-grounds to lay Isparag's egg, but he is determined to get her back and has sent sentries out to recapture her. Dragon eggs must be laid at the fire-ground to gestate in the volcanic warmth so how can she do this safely? The answer lies in the past, as does the key to the strange nature of her offspring who hatches as an Obsidian dragon - unknown in Fraith as they come from the land of Lucta.

Book 3


Odilion and his Indigo dragon friends travel to Lucta to save his half-sister Othelia. They find that the Mirari dragons of Lucta have deprived the Obsidian dragons of their ability to fly through time.

Can Odilion and his friends save Othelia and the Obisidian dragons?

Can they return to their own time?

Book 4


Does Ilarion have the courage and resources to return to Hever Island, defeat his uncle Isparag, and reclaim his rightful place as Charm of the Indigo dragons?

My books are not available yet, as I am seeking representation from an agent.

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