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Royal Darios (M) = Royale Elodia (F)

ancestors of Royal Deimos

Royal Deimos (M) = Royale Alaia (F)

Dalibor (M)

Dalimil (M)

Elissa (F)


The Mountain Pride live at the foot of the Kirkwood Mountains. Until recently they had made their Felicitate in a large cave that is close to a stream that runs down from Hever Lake. This had been an ideal location with shelter, water and an abundance of food from both the forest and nearby grass plains. Deimos and Alaia managed their pride-lands well. Their only grief was that their two sons were lazy, defiant, and showed no aptitude for ruling. Their youngest cautie, Elissa, had been born an unusually strong shade of purple - signifying considerable powers - and yet was unlikely to ever to rule with two brothers ahead of her. They had made great efforts to find her a suitable consort in the hope that she would be able to utilise her skills by helping to rule other pride-lands, but no suitors had been forthcoming, because all the eligible young cautos found her far too intimidating. In recent times a greater trouble had beset the pride.


The Indigo Dragon Gaze live just above them on an island in Hever Lake. They have been emanating a great sadness, and their leader Isparag is either unaware of it, or unable to address it. The miasma of this sadness has been seeping down from the lake and affects the whole environment, including the Mountain Pride. The cautos have been particularly badly affected, and the cautas have tired of their constantly depressed state, and taken action.