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ADORATION CAKES - delicious biscuity cakes flavoured with dezigild spice

AI-ALYN, THE - gods worshipped by the humans of Fraith

BIRNOL - small furry flying mammals who live in nests in trees and eat fruit

BIRRN TREE - tree with attractive, soft foliage, the dark red berries are used to make wine

BONATO - starchy roots like yam/potato

CARALO - large wild cattle with long horns

CAUTA - female lygon

CAUTO - male lygon

CAUTIE - infant lygon

CHARM - leader of a dragon gaze

CONSPECTATE - patio on top of a Felicitate

DAI - the Dai is the dragaine who cares for the dragon eggs laid at the fire-grounds

DEWERS - small dark blue birds who live in caves and eat fruit

DEZIGILD FLOWERS - flowers that come in seven colours, used to make dezigild spice

DRAGADAGE - an old dragon tale or myth

DRAGAINE - female dragon

DRAGON - male dragon/dragons in general

DRAGONERE - baby dragon

EMBERFLIES - glowing insects who live in caves

FALCAWS - large blue and white fruit eating birds that nest in Birrn Trees

FARSIFY -  a potent herb that absorbs the energy of where it is grown

FELICITATE - communal home of a lygon pride

GAZE - a group of dragons

GEFLARS - minature dragons

GERANOPE - a wild antelope

GISHAWK - raptor with grey plumage, lives a long time

GNARLS - wizened old forest people in children's tales

JEWELBERRIES - pale yellow berries used to make juice, jam, wine etc

LONGWHISKERS - the geflars' nickname for Secretary Kebreana

LUCTA - a land adjacent to Fraith inhabited by the Mirari and Obsidian dragons

LYG-LINE - the purple energy lines lygons use for travel

LYGONS - sleek, iridescent reptilian cats

LYNTREE - large purple trees that live for thousands of years, native to Fraith

MARLOO - small, moth eating rodents who live in the roots of lyntrees

MYRID - a village/a tribe

MYRIDILE - a member of the myridote or council

MYRIDOTE - council of a myrid or tribe

OSSIAR TREE - a tree with weeping branches and large orange flowers which produce a lot of nectar

PEROMYLS - beach mice who serve the Sand Pride

PERSEFRUIT - a round blue fruit with firm skin that tastes slightly minty

PLUMMETS - small dark grey mottled sea-birds with red beaks

PRIDE - a group of lygons

PURRING -  lygons are each allocated a dragon and purr to release any emotional distress of that dragon. Dragons are unaware of this. Lygons do it to keep dragons more even tempered, which is good for everyone.

QUARTZUP - a drink made by Mithia the dragon from fermented herbs and crystal water

SALFISH - small silver fish that are rather chewy to eat

SALGULLS - large grey gulls who eat salfish

SALTGRINDER - the geflars' nickname for Royal Aidon

SCRIBE-TALES - stories written by geflars, often inspired by dragons

SCURRIAS - ground squirrels who serve some mainland lygon prides

SEA-STRING - a fine seaweed that is dried and used to thread beaded jewellery

SEEDPECKERS - small brown birds

SLOAM - large fat rodents with big eyes who live in the branches of trees

TARMEGAL - large fish common in bays and estuaries

THUNDER-SHELL - enormous black sea-shells with special powers

URSEG - a large bear-like predator found in mountainous forests

VENGE-WAVE - a tsunami

VERAPIN - a large sheep/goat like animal with soft shaggy fleece

WINTER BERRIES - slightly tart berries that grow on dense shrubs in the forest

WHYLE BLOSSOM - a delicate white flower that is used to infuse wine with a floral note

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