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In the land of Fraith people live in towns or rural communities.

Lorne is a small port on the mouth of the Loncess River.

Tawny Port is a smaller community built up on poles in a brackish marshland. It acts as the main port access to the mining operation at the Cinnabar Cliffs.

When the lygons established the Salt Islands, some humans went there with them to start a new and more peaceful life. They settled into two tribes, which they call myrids. Myrid is also their word for village; so a myrid is both a community and a place. Their council is called the Myridote, and council members are Myridiles. Each full-moon they trade goods with the geflars. They believe that the geflars live like monks in a monastery on top of the mountain and worship the Ai-alyn. They see the goods they provide to the geflars as offerings to their gods.

Long ago humans lost the ability to see lygons, but they have remained in their consciousness as great and beautiful creatures who have attained the status of gods. Lygons are content not to be seen and generally avoid human contact.


Lydia - thirteen years old, daughter of the Magistrate of Lorne, psychic

Anne - early twenties, seamstress from Lorne

Benedict Royston - late twenties, Police Inspector of Lorne

Williams - early thirties, Police Inspector of Thurston (a town inland from Lorne)

Charlesworth Thorogoode - late thirties, wealthy merchant from Lorne

Hindle - Thorogoode's assistant

Captain Barclay - Captain of the ship Integrity, merchant trader

Pepper - First Mate on the Integrity

Josh and Jake - fishermen from Lorne

Other sailors


The myrid of the Aai - live in the forest on the mountain. Their role is to produce the annual supply of lyntree lozenges. The eldest son of the Chief has the formal role of guarding the salt-plain, which is a sacred site.

The myrid of the Brycthns - live on the coast. Their role is to harvest the sea-string that is used for making jewellery, and to catch and dry fish - mostly salfish, but sometimes larger varieties.

Both myrids

  • breed verapin and make cheese from their milk, eat and dry the meat, and make parchment and clothing from the hides

  • make jewellery and decorate their clothing with tiny painted wooden beads

  • make dyes and inks from various plants, minerals and shells

  • enjoy reading the scribe-tales written by the geflars



Gam - current Chief of the Aai, widowed

Jay - elder son of Chief Gam and the Watcher of the salt-plain

Hal - younger son of Chief Gam

Cas - Chief Gam's father, deceased

The Healer - old medicine man

Lai - woman Hal finds attractive

Daz - Lai's partner

Mae - kindly widow

Koh - former Chief of the Aai, deceased

Ben - Koh's son and senior member of the Myridote

Dom - Ben's son

Fei - Ben's daughter


Tyjepp - the Elder of the Brycthns

Keffyl - Tyjepp's wife

Pethyn - Keffyl's sister

Rhosyn - Pethyn's daughter

Jemyla - Rhosyn's friend

Carthyn - member of the Myridote

Adalyn - member of the Myridote

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