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The Ebony Gaze lives in caves in cliffs high up in the Kirkwood Mountains. They are protectors of the secret pink dragon, Mithia. Their territory shares a boundary with that of the Indigo dragons, and when Charm Isparag of the Indigo dragons usurps his nephew Ilarion and closes the border, the wise and gentle Charm Eiluned of the Ebonys is very concerned. He vows to do what he can to help Ilarion, who he views as the rightful heir.

CHARMOR MITHIA EIRENICA - is the secretive, powerful pink dragon who is keeper of dragon dreams.

Only the Ebony dragons know of his existence in Fraith - they protect and care for him.

He lives in a crystal lined cave in the side of a mountain above those inhabited by the Ebony Gaze.

EILUNED - Charm of the Ebony Gaze, father of Emeline

EMELINE - daughter of Eiluned

Geflar servants of the Ebony Gaze:



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