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The Indigo Gaze lives on an island in Hever Lake, high up in the Kirkwood Mountains in the north of Fraith. When his father dies Ilarion expects to succeed him as ruler of the Indigo Dragons with the beautiful Indrana by his side, but he is usurped by his uncle Isparag who takes Indrana for himself and inflicts great hardships on them all – can Ilarion save his love Indrana, the other dragons and their loyal servants, the geflars, or will the secret sorrow of Isparag destroy them all?What is the source of the sadness that seeps down the mountain from the Indigo dragons of Hever Lake? Why is Isparag determined to exterminate the geflars?


INGAMOR - Previous Charm of the Indigo Gaze, companion to Idrisit, father of Ilarion

IDRISIT -  Previous Charmade of the Indigo Gaze, companion to Ingamor, mother of Ilarion

ISPARAG - brother to Ingamor, succeeds him as Charm of the Indigo Gaze

ILARION - son of Ingamor and Idrisit

INDRANA (RANI) - Charmade of the Indigo Gaze, second companion to Isparag and mother of Odilion

IXCHELA - first companion to Isparag and mother of Othelia

ICHOTOR (TORE) - member of Indigo Council

ITHAMAR (MARO) - member of Indigo Council

IBSENTO (SENTO) - member of Indigo Council

ISADORE (ISSIE) - friend of Indrana

IHMRAND - sentry

IGGEHAR - sentry

ISHETHE - sentry

IDEOITE - sentry

IGNORIS - sentry

Ilarion and Idrisit talk secretly in the Scree Valley

Geflar servants to the Indigo Gaze:




Lygon Prides in their territory:



The Sorrow of Isparag - Ilarion and Idri
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