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The River Pride have their Felicitate built in and around caves in a cliff overlooking the Loncess River where it runs through a steep gorge. Back from the cliffs there are lush grasslands that extend to the forest at the base of the Kirkwood Mountains. These grasslands are home to the scurrias who are the servants of the River Pride. As with all prides, they adopt a local animal with more deft hands to serve them in exchange for protection from other predators including, when possible, from dragons.


The in the middle of the grasslands is a gentle valley, formed by a stream that runs into the Loncess River. In this valley the scurrias grow the beautiful dezigild flowers from which they make dezigild spice that is the signature flavour of the very delicious adoration cakes.



ROYALET VALE - son of Haldor and Oneida, consort to Rochea

ROYALETTE ROCHEA - consort to Vale

ROYALETTE ALTARA - elder daughter of Haldor and Oneida

ROYALETTE CEPHARA - younger daughter of Haldor and Oneida

KEONE - sister to Oneida, consort of Bailas, mother of Kebreana

BAILAS - consert of Keone, father of Kebreana

KEBREANA - daughter of Keone and Bailas

Scurria servant to the River Pride:


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