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Margot lives quietly alone in Sydney, making hats and keeping the secret of her past, until Claudia moves into the flat upstairs and threatens to destroy everything that Margot cares about. Will the young, determined Claudia steal Margot’s dream; or will Margot discover that a shattered life may yet bring unexpected gifts? This is a haunting tale of what may be lost and found when the past is unresolved.

102 240 words

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A diverting story that stays with you after you've finished it. It's an evocative tale from the Sydney of a few decades back: when aerobic classes were the latest thing and housing was still affordable. The characters are beautifully drawn and their dilemmas portrayed with sympathy and humour. The author, who we know is also an artist, paints the world they inhabit so that you can see it in your mind's eye.
Recommended to anyone who likes stories drawn from life about human foibles and their consequences.


At Civic Hospital, Canberra, a routine test for a brain tumour erupts into a crisis and a talented young man’s life is at stake. Max Godfrey, the Director of Harbings Institute for scientific research is called upon to solve the mystery, only to find he might have been the cause. Both his career and new-found love are at stake if the past is revealed. What was the secret behind the drug trial he worked on in the 1950’s; and was the fire that killed the local doctor an accident – or murder? Max is not the only person seeking the truth . . .

117 590 words

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