I was born in 1962 and I've lived in different places around Australia, mostly in New South Wales and Tasmania. I've had a variety of jobs, including working as a free-lance artist and running a business selling gourmet tea. I studied Philosophy and Literature at University and have a transdisciplinary PhD. I have spent many years teaching students of every age from high-school to university and running programs for at-risk young people. Currently I am a senior teacher at the local high school, now working part-time so I can focus on my writing and artwork. I share my house with my partner and three elderly cats . . . Where on earth did I get the idea for lygons??

Here are some photos of my gorgeous cats - my desk is a favourite spot. Sunny and Cloudy are guarding my brushes (they like chewing the ends of them), while the aptly named Mischief was found drinking my paint-brush water!

When I travel I indulge in my other passion, which is infra-red landscape photography. I have used some of my favourite images as backgrounds for this site. You can see more of my photography at arlettephotography.com 

                  SUNNY                                                          CLOUDY                                                     MISCHIEF


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