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The dragons of Fraith live in a family groups called a gaze. The ruler of each gaze is known as the Charm. The members of each family group are a distinctive colour. There are eight main gazes:

Azure Gaze - Charm Ariston

Ebony Gaze - Charm Eiluned

Emerald Gaze - Charm Evander

Indigo Gaze - Charm Isparag

Ruby Gaze - Charm Reinoud

Saffron Gaze - Charm Sieffre

Teal Gaze - Charm Tercero

Vermilion Gaze - Charm Volborg

Charmor Mithia Eirenica

There is also the secret keeper of dragon dreams, Charmor Mithia Eirenica. His existence is known only to his protectors, the Ebony Gaze. The scales of this beautiful dragon are shimmering shades of pink, white and cream, and his main colour is a shade of pink known as Charm:

Mithia - 1

Charmor Mithia Eirenica - Keeper of Dragon Dreams

Mithia & Shaleworm

Lygon Island - The Undersea: Mithia fights the shaleworm

Mithia - 2

Charmor Mithia Eirenica - Keeper of Dragon Dreamsn

Mithia & Shaleworm - 2

Lygon Island - The Undersea: Mithia fights the shaleworm


The Charm of the Indigo Gaze at his desk

Ilarion & Idrisit

The Sorrow of Isparag - Indrana: Ilarion and his mother Idrisit meet in secret

Rani, Issie and Isparag

The Sorrow of Isparag - Indrana: Isparag arrives at the worst possible moment

Humans are very aware of dragons, as dragons are large and it is not in their nature to go unnoticed. Dragons can read minds and conceal themselves from sight if they wish. They do not cross paths with humans very often, as dragons live in remote areas and travel by flying, but they have been known to terrorise villages and coerce humans into making them beautiful talon rings. Occasionally dragons will eat human livestock, but prefer larger game such as geranope and caralos.

Dragons generally live in caves which they keep very clean and where they sleep on beds of fresh grass strewn with fragrant herbs. They like to keep a big fire blazing. If it begins to go out, a snort of flame will quickly get it going again.

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