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~ NOVELS by Arlo Mercia ~


Margot lives quietly alone in Sydney, making hats and keeping the secret of her past, until Claudia moves into the flat upstairs and threatens to destroy everything that Margot cares about. Will the young, determined Claudia steal Margot’s dream; or will Margot discover that a shattered life may yet bring unexpected gifts? This is a haunting tale of what may be lost and found when the past is unresolved.

102 240 words

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At Civic Hospital, Canberra, a routine test for a brain tumour erupts into a crisis and a talented young man’s life is at stake. Max Godfrey, the Director of Harbings Institute for scientific research is called upon to solve the mystery, only to find he might have been the cause. Both his career and new-found love are at stake if the past is revealed. What was the secret behind the drug trial he worked on in the 1950’s; and was the fire that killed the local doctor an accident – or murder? Max is not the only person seeking the truth . . .

117 590 words

Free sample, find out more and obtain from Amazon, SmashwordsKobo, Overdrive, Barnes & Noble​ and iBooks





'The Lygons of Fraith' is an ongoing fantasy series of intertwining tales about the land of Fraith which is home to beautiful reptilian cats called lygons, their cheeky companions the geflars, many large dragons, and some people . . . So far there are the tales of Lygon Island,  followed by The Sorrow of Isparag . . .

Lygon Island
The Salt Pride lygons live peacefully on Lygon Island with their companions the geflars until their ruler decides to create a retreat where he can go to avoid his royal duties. The disaster that ensues jeopardises the future of the island. In desperation they turn to their retired queen, Myrra, who makes the difficult journey to the mainland to seek help, only to find that the future of all of Fraith is at stake, and seeking help may lead to the extermination of her beloved geflars. 
Meanwhile, a mistrustful group of people are caught on a ship heading inexorably for Lygon Island, which is the last place their Captain ever wants to go. He is afraid that he will be remembered.

Then Mithia, the enigmatic dragon arrives and no one knows if he intends to help, or to betray the geflars.

The Sorrow of Isparag

When his father dies Ilarion expects to succeed him as ruler of the Indigo Dragons with the beautiful Indrana by his side, but he is usurped by his uncle Isparag who takes Indrana for himself and inflicts great hardships on them all – can Ilarion save his love Indrana, the other dragons and their loyal servants, the geflars, or will the secret sorrow of Isparag destroy them all?What is the source of the sadness that seeps down the mountain from the Indigo dragons of Hever Lake? Why is Isparag determined to exterminate the geflars?

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