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Entering Dragon-lands

Hi there! I'm back, happily blogging again. Alas, last year an awful lot of life happened (experiences which I'm sure will enrich and inform my creativity - she says trying to put a positive spin on it), but not much writing. There was a new and very demanding management role at the school where I work, the death of a dear friend, family health issues and so on . . . challenging, exhausting and unsustainable. So, this year I am working part-time. More writing, more artwork, more joy!

I am fine-tuning the manuscript of 'The Sorrow of Isparag'. This is the prequel to 'Lygon Island' which explains the cause of the sadness which seeps down from the territory of the Indigo dragons and why the fearsome dragon Isparag is determined to exterminate the geflars. It also tells of the creation of Lygon Island far out in the Solace Sea. This is the first book in a trilogy that will tie in closely with Lygon Island.

In January I went to Taiwan and visited the stunning mountains of the Taroko National Park. Perfect country for dragons! High wooded mountains full of caves, gorges, waterfalls and beautiful temples. I took many infra-red photos, like the one you see here. One of my projects this year is to use them as a backdrop for painting dragons. I have also started on a series of pencil and ink drawings in a similar style - look for these on my website soon.

Take care . . .


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