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  • Arlo Mercia

Musings from the depths of winter

If your book doesn't keep you up nights writing it, it won't keep anyone up nights reading it. —James A. Michener

I found this quote recently on Twitter - I think the intent of it is absolutely true - if you feel committed and passionate about your work that will come through to the reader. I'm not so sure about staying up late at nights to do it though, as that doesn't always mix well with the day job.

The contribution I make to my work at night is lying in bed, half-asleep, working out plot lines. I wish I was superwoman, but the reality is that staying up late, sitting at the computer to write, and then dragging in to be a grade supervisor and teach at the local high-school the next day doesn't work. Teaching is exhausting enough on its own. So, during term time my writing is mostly confined to the weekends, or the occasional afternoon when I get home with some vestige of mental energy left to draw upon.

The holidays will be here soon, and that is when I write all day, every day, and love it. It is winter here now, and the days are cold, so staying in with a chai tea, a cat or two on my desk and my characters for company is a blissful prospect.

So stay warm and well this winter - and tell me - what are you passionate about that keeps you up at night?

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