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BOOK 2 - The Undersea

Myrra returns to the island with her new ally Elissa, but is distraught to find the salt-plain violated and her eggs missing. Evidence incriminates Elissa, and Myrra must discover her motive and the location of her precious eggs.

The geflars are horrified by the arrival of Mithia, the enigmatic dragon. They are sure that other dragons will follow, and they will be exterminated. It is too late for them to hide, and they cannot desert the people who rely on them.

Meanwhile, Mithia discovers terrifying shaleworms invading the undersea. No one knows where they have come from, or how to stop them. It is up to Mithia to deal with the infestation, but he has never encountered creatures like this before, the lands of Fraith are dying, and the heart of the island must be healed – even for a powerful dragon is this all too much?

162 700 words

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